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Horizon Adventure 3 is one step above the starting level of the Horizon treadmill. The price is always under $1,000, which makes it a reasonably priced car. Although it is only a few hundred dollars more expensive than the lower model, it is a significant improvement over the lower model. There is a more powerful engine, a higher speed and a greater slope.

Although the engine is more powerful, I would say it is a treadmill for pedestrians and runners. You will get the most out of this treadmill and it will be most durable when used this way. It is equipped with larger rollers located at each end of the deck. The bigger they are, the better the durability of the belt and engine.

Horizon Adventure 3 Console Treadmill

The warranty is impressive in terms of price, you get 1 year of work and 3 years with a lifetime on the frame and engine. The screen is a bit bigger and you always want to have it as big as possible. I like to look at my training information to see exactly how I do it. The screen of this Adventure 3 is 5.75 wide, which is not as big as you might think.

The weight limit is 300 pounds, but online consumer reviews indicate that the treadmill can struggle with lower weights. They advise not to jerk if the machine weighs more than 200 pounds, you can judge for yourself, but with a machine that weighs 177 pounds, it can be slightly more stable. However, Adventure 3 can be for you if you want to run and lose weight or if you want to keep your weight and not weigh more than 200 pounds.


+ FeatherLight Folding – Adventure 3, like all other Horizon treadmills, is equipped with a special folding mechanism. It’s extremely easy to get into position. It uses a hydraulic folding system, so it won’t be difficult to fold it off the road. It can be unfolded just as easily.


+ Digital Drive Motor – As a digital, non-analog motor, it is very quiet and responds to any change in setting. It is guaranteed for life and, although this is not wear and tear, you can be sure that it will stand the test of time. The engine is still running at low revs, but has a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour.


+ 30 Training programs – For those who want to do more than just stand and walk, there are many training programs to challenge you. These include calories, which, as the name suggests, are designed to burn as much fat as possible so that you can lose weight. The interval causes the shutter speed to increase as the shutter speed increases.


+ Cool Extras – I always appreciate it when the treadmill has a built-in sound system so you can listen to cheering music during your workout. There is tablet support in case you want to be on the internet during the training. A water bottle holder means dehydration is not a problem for you, and the energy-saving mode saves you money.


+ 12% slope – This point is higher than the horizon at the bottom and is a very important element for walking and jogging. Walking on a steep slope is good for the leg muscles. By walking a lot you can strengthen your muscles and tone. Why don’t you change the slope while you work on all your legs and train them differently?


Impairment losses

– Pulse Handles – These can be used to determine your heart rate during training, but they are never very accurate. The best of these are the chest straps, and many treadmills can read the data transmitted by one of them, even if they are not supplied with the machine. Unfortunately Adventure 3 can’t read them, but that makes the treadmill cheaper.


– Short bridge – This should not be too big of a problem, except for those who are long and want to jog. Horizon Adventure 3 has a large surface area of 55, and if you have big steps, that might not be enough for you. Or you feel like you’re close to the limit during training, which is not good.



Model Horizon experience 3
Folding Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Working area 20 x 55
Display 5.75 Yellow and green LCD display
Dimensions T 71 x W 34 x H 54
Maximum user weight £300
Training programmes 30
Speed 0.5-12 miles per hour
Step 0% – 12%
Warranty A lifetime: Frame and engine
3 years : Parts
1 year : Working


As you can see in the overview above, Adventure 3 has many positive points. However, it is located in the middle of 2 good conveyors in the horizontal upward line. One follows either the model T101 below or the model Adventure 5 above. That doesn’t make this car bad, it’s just a little in the middle.

The top speed of 12 km/h looks good and is really compared to very good treadmills, but here it is not necessary. It is a car that drives and runs and nobody can walk a kilometer in 5 minutes, which is the equivalent of 12 miles per hour. This is an unnecessary feature and efforts could have been made to improve the specification elsewhere. If the price of $899 suits you and you like the features, then this treadmill is pretty good.

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