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True-Logo-500-NBG (1) True Fitness is known for making hassle-free treadmills that you can find if you are looking for something ergonomic. Traditional treadmills are usually quite expensive, which really makes it one of your favorite brands. Not only are the treadmills made with quality materials, but the decoders that come with them are really well programmed with some of the best fitness programs to help you get the results you need and we’ve studied this brand in more detail to see what sets it apart from other competitors. In recent years, treadmills have really evolved and it has become very important to have a top-of-the-line treadmill. The True Fitness brand was founded in 1981 and treadmills have certainly evolved over time. Here is the list of the best True Treadmills discussed in this article

Overview Product Evaluation Prices
True performance 300 Treadmill True performance 300 Treadmill 9 exams $3,399.00 Buy on Amazon
True Fitness M30 treadmill True Fitness M30 treadmill 4 exams $1,999.00 Buy on Amazon
The Real Power 100 treadmill The Real Power 100 treadmill 1 exams $2,899.00 Buy on Amazon
Real power 800 Treadmill Real power 800 Treadmill 2 exams $3,899.00 Buy on Amazon
Excel 900 Treadmill with Envision Console Excel 900 Treadmill with Envision Console No comment yet. $7,999.00 Buy on Amazon
2940284 TRUE PS100 Treadmill Treadmill Sold separately as Pt# PS100T from Med-Fit Systems 2940284 TRUE PS100 Treadmill Treadmill Sold separately as Pt# PS100T from Med-Fit Systems No comment yet. $3,400.96 Buy on Amazon
Genuine Excel 900 treadmill with climbing console Genuine Excel 900 treadmill with climbing console No comment yet. $6,249.00 Buy on Amazon
Treadmill Genuine Z5.4 Treadmill Genuine Z5.4 No comment yet. $4,199.00 Buy on Amazon
Treadmill Genuine Z5.0 Treadmill Genuine Z5.0 No comment yet. $3,399.00 Buy on Amazon
A real M50 treadmill A real M50 treadmill 2 exams $2,099.00 Buy on Amazon
A real CS550 conveyor belt A real CS550 conveyor belt No comment yet. Buy on Amazon
2016 True Fitness CS600T Commercial Track W / Escalation Console Display 9 LCD color display 2016 True Fitness CS600T Commercial Treadmill W/Escalate Console 9 LCD colour display No comment yet. $2,495.00 Buy on Amazon

In this article you’ll also find a detailed buyer’s guide that will help you find the right treadmill for all your needs and that’s just right for you. As we have a large number of treadmills of different brands on the market, it should also be noted that we have used the characteristics mentioned in the buyers’ guide as a criterion for selecting our best treadmills. You’ll also see our selection of premium True Fitness treadmills that should be perfect for use at home.

Key features to consider when purchasing a True Fitnesstreadmill .

Each fitness brand has its own unique types and characteristics that it incorporates into its treadmills. The True Fitness brand remained the same and after a few cleanings we found the best features of their treadmills. These features were also used as evaluation criteria and should be ideal for you if you are considering buying a new treadmill.

  • Engines: True Fitness has decent engines built into its treadmills, and these engines will certainly help you achieve those top speeds and much better efficiency. True Fitness brand treadmill motors generally range from 3.0 HP to 4.0 HP, with the latter figure included only at the top of the treadmill range.
  • Durability: True Fitness attaches great importance to durability and that is why its products are so highly regarded. These treadmills are extremely durable and should be the first and only ones you buy. These treadmills are sometimes difficult to assemble and all these technologically advanced features will help if you understand how they work.
  • Console and displays: The console and screens are big enough, and usually you have to, so you can keep track of your progress. These screens allow you to see your progress, even with large 7-inch screens; you don’t have to miss anything important. The training courses are also professionally designed and that does everyone justice. Whether you train at certain intervals or just want to burn extra and excess fat.
  • Tilt and fall: The tilt function is usually found on the upper treadmills, but usually you will not notice a fall. These treadmills are easy to use and the console gives you all the power you need. If you like walking or even strengthen your thigh muscles. These treadmills are perfect for you.
  • Ergonomic design: True Fitness treadmills have a compact design. They are not all equally compact, but are generally designed for smaller dwellings. These treadmills cannot be folded, which doesn’t make them ideal for every home, but if you want to get more value for money and save a little space, you should definitely consider buying one of these treadmills.
  • Large tread belt: These treadmills also contain decent treadmills that are ideal for tall people. These conveyors are much wider than those traditionally found on treadmills. The weight limit for these conveyors is also about 300-400 pounds. This means they have to be perfect for every weight limit to train and lose those pounds.
  • Warranty: True Fitness is known for its generous guarantees on treadmill frames. Their frames are generally guaranteed for 30 years. These guarantees offer you protection, and their designs are also very stable, so you don’t have to use them in the first place.

These are 7 key features that distinguish True Fitness treadmills from the rest of the industry. These treadmills have been designed with special care down to the smallest detail so that you get the most value for money. True Fitness also has a decent customer service and we have no price included in the features, because you will definitely pay for the best possible quality. Here are the best True Fitness 2017 treadmills:

Best Treadmill 2017 Viewed

Treadmill TRUE ES900 Treadmill with climbing 9 Console A genuine ES900 treadmill is one of the most expensive treadmills on the market today, but it certainly has some excellent features that set it apart from the competition. The treadmill is stylishly constructed with highly durable materials and its performance is of a different order. The treadmill is equipped with a 4.0 hp engine that allows some of these maximum speeds to be reached while walking to improve the rapid contraction of the muscle fibers. There is also a soft damping system on the underside, which can be adjusted to your convenience when you feel at home. It will also help relieve some of the tension in your joints and should help reduce fatigue. With the console you can also control the tilt and drop settings, and you can achieve a tilt of 15% and a drop of about 3%. The main selling point of this treadmill is the HRC speed control system that gradually adjusts the treadmill to your desired heart rate. This feature is ideal for those who like to stay in the fat burning zone. Unfortunately, the treadmill is very expensive and can discourage some customers, but if you are looking for a large multifunctional treadmill, this is exactly what you need. The treadmill is also highly recommended by doctors and physiotherapists. We also strongly recommend this treadmill for those looking for a universal treadmill that meets all requirements.Plus

  • Elegant and durable design
  • Contains a complex console
  • Tilting and lowering offer
  • Makes it possible to use it multifunctionally


  • Dear


Actual PS100 Treadmill The True PS100 treadmill is one of the most accessible treadmills on the market, but still has these high quality features. The treadmill is built with materials of commercial quality, which will certainly give you value for money when you’re ready to use the power. The treadmill is quite large, which means it won’t fit easily in your house, and you should be careful before buying it. The True Soft system is also integrated in this treadmill and, as with the previous treadmill, you can run without having to worry about bending or leaving your joints. We also love the console, and with 9 professionally designed preset exercises, the tread should allow you to achieve your goals effortlessly. The console also allows you to control the tilt and fall functions and you can easily save the 2 most effective training modes for later use. The HRC speed control is also integrated in this treadmill and this is one of the features that will increase the price. This feature makes it easy to stay at your desired heart rate and helps and improves the speed at which you can safely lose weight. A proper warranty and service plan is also included, saving you a few dollars when it comes to long-term service and sometimes defective parts.Plus

  • Offers high durability and elegant design
  • Excellent impact properties
  • A complicated console with decent programs
  • Including the HRC Advanced Control System.


  • Always so sweet.
  • Large version


Treadmill Genuine M50 The True M50 treadmill is similar to the little brother of the PS100 and offers the same features for a much lower price. The conveyor belt is also constructed with commercially available solid materials, which gives it extra strength and reduces the risk of something breaking. The treadmill is also designed to fit into most homes, and a more compact design should make it a much more realistic option for the average couple or family. The total length after installation will only be about 74 inches, and it will easily fit into your guest room or even your garage. The console is also very similar to the previous treadmill, and it also has 9 pre-installed training programs, professionally designed to make your life easier. This treadmill is also equipped with the HRC cruise control, with which you should be able to set that specific heart rate. We also like the softer deck that was used for the design, which should give you a good grip to bounce and also reduce stress on your joints. The treadmill is one of the cheapest of this brand, and we highly recommend it for those who want a smaller treadmill that can help them both lose weight and take fitness classes.Plus

  • Smaller and more compact design
  • Incredibly strong.
  • At a reasonable price.
  • Including HRC cruise control
  • Offers more depreciation


  • The tread may not be wide enough for everyone.
  • Requires the installation of an expert


Actual PS800 Treadmill The True PS800 Treadmill is an advanced version of the previous 2 treadmills. The treadmill is also constructed with materials of commercial quality to provide sufficient durability. All electronic adjustments must be made by a professional to make sure you have done everything right. The True Soft System has been re-incorporated to give the treadmill proper cushioning properties and help you reduce the strain normally placed on joints and feet. A stable treadmill should give you good traction and your workout should be easy. One of the most important features of this treadmill is the large 9-inch screen that clearly shows everything you need. The console also contains several professionally designed programs, but you should not lose sight of them. The fact that you can connect your mobile phone will also greatly improve your view of the results. The treadmill is quite expensive considering the price, but you also get a lifetime warranty on the bike. The workplace warranty is only valid for one year, but can save you money on maintenance and maximum performance of the treadmill.Plus

  • Elegant design and high durability
  • Good damping properties
  • A guarantee worthy of the name
  • A perfect console


  • Requires the installation of an expert
  • Dear Sir


Real Fitness Treadmill M30 Finally we have a True Fitness M30 treadmill and this treadmill is one of the cheapest you can find. The treadmill may not be the best, but it certainly remains one of their best in terms of durability. The conveyor belt is also made of durable materials of commercial quality. The treadmill has a softer surface and a damping system that helps to reduce fatigue and relieve joint strain. The treadmill should be ideal for people looking for it in their little house, and it can easily be moved if you have more than one guest. The treadmill is very functional and also has a decent console that should allow you to follow all the statistics that will help you to improve and make progress. It also includes a health guarantee that will protect you for years to come. As for the price, we really like the treadmill and it’s not that expensive. The treadmill is smaller and more compact, which should be ideal for those who want to save space and money but still get in shape.Plus

  • Good stiffness
  • Elegant design
  • A perfect console system
  • At a reasonable price.


  • Requires the installation of an expert
  • fight for stability


Final reflection

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you found what you were looking for. True Fitness is a great but expensive brand, and if you’re looking for good quality and value for money, these treadmills should be perfect for you. If you think we’ve forgotten one of your favourite treadmills, please let us know in the Feedback section and don’t forget to tell us why you chose this particular treadmill.



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