Best Professional Sale Review Tapes 2020 In every sport, or even in every profession, there are beginners, amateurs and professionals. The difference lies in the different skills and attitudes towards this type of activity. Professional runners can run at a wide range of speeds and for longer periods of time, so they definitely need a comfortable machine with a powerful engine. This definition is almost the same as that of commercial treadmills, because when sports centres buy new treadmills, they are looking for excellent quality (the better the materials, the longer the treadmill will last), a powerful engine (i.e. a large speed range). Of course, the fact that professional treadmills generally cost from $1,500, which is quite expensive.

In this article I only leave a list of treadmills that I consider professional and some tips, but I’m sure a professional knows what he or she needs. If you are unsure about your choice, read my guide to buying a treadmill.

As you can see from the table, most of the treadmills shown above are manufactured by 3G Cardio , Sole Fitness , Precor , LifeSpan and a few other professional treadmills. It is very important to choose a reliable brand that cares about its reputation and the quality of its products. Always check other products of the same brand as the treadmill you want to buy! Don’t forget to check my score on treadmills of all brands!



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